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Report on the Evaluation of HCR for the es-tablishment of a management plan for the Iberian mixed fisheries of Hake, Anglerfish and Nephrops aiming to achieve Fmsy by 2015

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posted on 2023-03-17, 11:21 authored by ICESICES


ToR 1 and 2: The results from the simulations indicated that the Harvest Control Rule (HCR) with best performance (combination of high probability of achieving Fmsy by 2015, high cumulative yield and low risk of SSB decrease) on a stock-by-stock basis were:

• Southern hake: decreasing fishing mortality to 0.26 until 2015 with 20% constraint in landings;

• Nephrops FU 28-29: increase F to 0.21 (males) until 2015 with 15% yield constraint;

• Anglerfish: 10% F annual reduction to 0.35 (L. piscatorius) by 2015 with 15% yield constraint.


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