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"Foreign science” in Russian context: Murmansk Scientific-Fishery Expedition and Russian participation in early ICES activity

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posted on 2022-03-01, 12:44 authored by J. A. Lajus
The Murman Scientific-Fishery Expedition (1898-1908), organized by a philanthropic committee, contributed greatly to the development of oceanography and fishery science in Russia. During the discussion that preceded its organization, special attention was paid to the example set by other European countries concerning the involvement of scientists in the problems of developing their fisheries. The first head of the Expedition, zoologist Nikolai Knipowitsch, established close connections with European marine scientists, which integrated his Expedition into the international community and was crucial for the involvement o f Russia in ICES. Negotiations between governmental officials on the question o f Russian participation in ICES went on up to the beginning of 1902, but scientific research based on the international programme on the specially designed research vessel was already begun by the Expedition in 1900. Scientists with the Expedition tried to balance scientific objectives with applied work, which was the price o f governmental support. In spite of this, tension mounted between the Expedition and its patron. Knipowitsch was accused of paying excessive attention to "foreign science", considered detrimental to the interests of Russian fishermen. After his removal, the next head o f the Expedition, Leonid Breitfuss, continued the research of the Expedition according to the ICES programme up to 1906 when the Expedition lost its financial support.



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