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Report on the Nantes workshop on contaminant fluxes through the coastal zone

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posted on 1984-01-01, 00:00 authored by J. M Bewers, G. Kullenberg, A. D McIntyre

After the Nantes Symposium on Contaminant Fluxes through the Coastal Zone, the two-day Workshop was held charged with assess­ing the present state of knowledge regarding fluxes through the coastal zone, based partly on the Symposium presentations and discussions. A list of Workshop participants is given in Annex 1 of this report, which constitutes the edited output from the Workshop deliberations.

The. participants divided into two groups which separately considered A. Mass Balances and Budgets, and B. Processes con­trolling the Fluxes of Contaminants through the Coastal Zone. Two coordinators were appointed for each group, and several participants acted as rapporteurs.
This report is intended for all interested in coastal zone studies related to marine contamination problems. Scientists ex­perienced in the field know very well the complexity of coastal zone research and they will, therefore, appreciate that an attempt has been made here to formulate, in a condensed manner, certain basic characteristics and processes. It was fortunate that several such experienced scientists contributed to the discussions summarized in this report. 

Groups and laboratories embarking on coastal zone studies can benefit from the report, both by noting the concerns and require­ments presented and by taking note of the participants' addresses; no doubt, further ideas can be obtained through direct contact with participants in the Workshop.
It is clear that a two-day Workshop cannot cover all aspects of this very broad and interdisciplinary topic. Some general problems still requiring resolution are referred to in the con­cluding remarks. It is hoped that the report will be stimulating, although in some cases it may only stimulate a pitying smile. However, it is to be hoped that it will result in increased attention to studies of fluxes and transport of contaminants in the coastal zone. 



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Bewers, J. M., Kullenberg, G., and McIntyre, A. D. (Eds.). 1986. Report on the Nantes workshop on contaminant fluxes through the coastal zone. ICES Cooperative Research report. Vol. 134. 44 pp.

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