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Reports on dialogue meetings, 20-21 May and 4 October 1980

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Dialogue meeting 20-21 May 1980

Following the demise of the North-East Atlantic Fisheries Commission, the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea has in recent years been concerned about the lack of an effective dialogue between fishery scientists, responsible for assessment of the fish stocks in the North-East Atlantic on one side and national authorities responsible for the management of the stocks on the other side. The matter has for some time been under discussion within ICES, and at the Statutory Meeting in October 1979, and through subsequent discussions, it was agreed that ICES should take the initiative to convene a meeting, with the purpose of promoting a dialogue between science and management, focussing on the nature of the scientific advisory role of ICES in the fishery management field, and with the intention to agree on arrange­ments for a continuing dialogue.

Dialogue meeting 4 October 1980

The "Dialogue Meeting" held at the Council's headquarters 20-21 May 1980 agreed that it would be useful to hold another such meeting after the report of ACFM for 1980 had become available and before ACFM at the 1980 Statutory Meeting would consider the timetable and the terms of reference for the next round of assessment Working Group meetings. The Council of ICES agreed, and the General Secretary issued invitations to the member countries and to the same organisations as were represented at the May meeting at the headquarters on Saturday, 4 October 1980.



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