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Reports on investigations on herring larvae

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posted on 1971-01-01, 00:00 authored by A. Saville

The international herring larval sur~eys which were started in 1967 were continued during the autumn and winter of 1969/70 with a total of six countries participating. The countries and their respective research vessels were England - RVs "Corella" .and "Clione", Germany - RV "Anton Dohrn", Netherlands - RVs "Tridens" and "Willem Beukelsz", Norway - RV "G.O.Sars", Sweden - RV "Thetis", and Scotland - RVs ''Scotia'' and "Clupeai', Details of the sampling gear used, its operation and the survey areas have already oeen described in earlier reports by SAVILLE (1970) and BOETIVS and Mcl which were surveyed during 1969/70 were similar to those which were covered in the previous two -years and included the north-western and western-central North Sea between latitudes 53°30'N and 61°12 1N, the Jutland Bank, the Kattegat from 56°08'N to 57°52 1N and the southern North Sea and eastern Channel between 49°30 1N and 53°30'N. The first survey began on the ,3 September 1~69 and the last was completed on the 15 January 1970.


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ICES. 1970. REPORTS ON INVESTIGATIONS ON HERRING LARVAE 1968-1970. ICES Cooperative Research report. Vol. 22. 58 pp.

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