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Review of Draft OSPAR Quality Status Report 2010

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posted on 2022-12-12, 10:09 authored by W. Cheung, H Dąbrowska, P. D. Keizer, E. Kenchington, J. Klungsør, G. Nausch, T. T. Noji

Included and responded to in the following OSPAR publication: Peer review of the Draft Quality Status Report 2010. (ISBN 978-1-907390-40-1; Publication Number: 499/2010).

The OSPAR quality status report (QSR) 2010 is a major assessment report prepared jointly by the Contracting Parties to the OSPAR Convention, which seeks to evaluate the quality status of the marine environment of the North-East Atlantic and its development and provide an evaluation of the measures taken and planned for the protection of the marine environment and the identification of priorities for action. The QSR 2010 will be published on the occasion of the 2010 Ministerial Meeting of the OSPAR Commission in Bergen, Norway. 

OSPAR has requested ICES to facilitate a peer review of the draft report as available in November 2009. The objective of this peer review is to assure the OSPAR Commission that the contents of the main QSR 2010 report: 

a. are generally robust and objective, 

b. reflect, and draw conclusions from, the evidence provided by the JAMP Thematic Assessments, and 

c. take other relevant evidence into account in drawing any conclusions. 

The complete terms of reference for the request from OSPAR is found in Annex A including the Review Form that was used by the reviewers.  This document records the reviews of 6 independent scientists whose work was overseen by one of the vice-chairs of the ICES Advisory Committee.  This does not constitute ICES advice but rather the consensus view of the 6 independent scientists. 



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Cheung, W., Dąbrowska, H., Keizer, P. D., Kenchington, E., Klungsør, J., Nausch, G., and Noji, T. T. 2010. Review of Draft OSPAR Quality Status Report 2010. ICES Working Document. 40 pp.

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