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SCICOM Progress Report 2022

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posted on 2023-02-24, 12:14 authored by ICESICES

The ICES Science Committee continues to support ICES science to grow in scale, scope and impact. The general objectives of the Science Committee are to work with the ICES community and Secretariat to keep the ICES science programme dynamic, internationally relevant, and impactful; to ensure seamless links between science, data and advice; and to engage with scientists in ICES member countries and beyond by planning an annual cycle of meetings and workshops as well as the Annual Science Conference.  
2022 has been, and still is, a challenging year for everyone. The COVID-19 pandemic continued to influence the work in the network. In addition, the decision of the Council in March to place a temporary suspension on all Russian Federation delegates, members, and experts from participation in ICES activities has affected groups, symposia, and cooperation activities with other organisations. The immense commitment and tireless work of the whole network, including all individual scientists and especially the Secretariat, helped to adapt to the challenges and to resume the work of groups.
One new steering group chair was elected in September 2022 to lead the Fisheries Resources Steering Group. The incoming chair will work with the current chair to ensure a smooth transition for 1 January 2023.  


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