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Skates and rays in Subareas VI and VII (Celtic Sea and west of Scotland)

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posted on 2022-07-18, 11:37 authored by ICESICES

For the first time, in 2014, ICES gives quantitative advice for skates at a stock-specific level. Until now, landings data have been too incomplete to allow ICES to provide quantitative advice per stock. 

ICES does not provide advice for the generic skate assemblage, nor does it advise on the generic skate TAC in this area. This is because ICES believes that management should be at a stock-specific level. Also, the generic skate TAC does not  take  into  account  that  several  stocks  straddle  the  boundary  with  other  management  units.  For  instance,  the  skate  with  highest  landings  in  the  ecoregion  (Leucoraja  naevus)  is  a  stock  straddling  Subareas VI  and  VII  (excl.  Division VIId) and Divisions VIIIa,b,d.


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