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SmartDots manual: How to run events

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posted on 2023-05-12, 11:59 authored by ICESICES

This manual is intended for coordinators of age and maturity exchanges and workshops using the ICES SmartDots webpage. The manual details how to set up calibration events for age and maturity, and describes all pages on the web application. It combines the previously separate manuals for age and maturity events.

In 2023 new modules for maturity staging, egg, and larvae identification were added to the SmartDots software which resulted in a major change to the web application. Consequently, the former “ICES SmartDots web application manual” has been renamed to “SmartDots manual: How to run events” and expanded so it covers setting up events for all software modules combined.


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ICES. 2023. SmartDots manual: How to run events. Version 05. ICES User Handbooks. 27 pp.