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Starry smooth-hound (Mustelus spp.) in the Northeast Atlantic

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posted on 2022-07-18, 11:38 authored by ICESICES

The  advice  given  in  2012  for  2013  and  2014  is  reiterated  for  2015: “Based  on  ICES  approach  todata-limited stocks, ICES advises that catches should be reduced by 4%. Because the data for catches of smooth-hounds are  not  fully  documented  and  considered  highly  unreliable  (due  to  the  historical  use  of  generic  landings  categories),ICES is not in a position to quantify the result.” The advice is summarized in the table below.

NB:  The  advice  for  2015  is  the  same  catch  advice  than  for  2013  and  2014  (even  if  it  cannot  be  quantified)  not  that  a  further 4% reduction in catch be implemented. 

NB: new Advice will be provided in 2015. 


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