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Study Group on Ecological Quality Objectives for Sensitive and for Opportunistic

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According to Council Resolution 2ACE02 the Terms of Reference for SGSOBS are:

a) in continuation of the development of EcoQ element (o) Density of sensitive (e.g., fragile) species and EcoQ element (p) Density of opportunistic species to [OSPAR 2004/1]:

i) identify possible species, taking into account developments in implementing the Water Framework Directive;

ii) commence development, for the species identified, and on the basis of the criteria for sound EcoQOs established by ICES in 2001, of related metrics, objectives and reference levels for this EcoQO;

b) for these EcoQ elements, to consider further the spatial scale requirements of sampling and the adequacy of existing monitoring activities to determine their status and trends, and provide further advice based on scenario considerations on the applications of possible EcoQOs;

c) where possible and appropriate, reconstruct the historic trajectory of the metric and determine its historic performance (hit, miss or false alarm) relative to the objective being measured, as a basis for deciding the relationship to management. This requires the collection of the relevant available historic data/information;

d) taking into account all potential sources of relevant information, determine what information it will be possible to collect in future to assess whether the EcoQO is being met (taking into account practicability and costs);

e) develop draft guidelines, including monitoring protocols and assessment methods, for evaluating the status of, and compliance with, the EcoQO.


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