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Technical Guidelines - ICES Ecosystem overviews (2016)

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posted on 2016-12-16, 00:00 authored by ICESICES

The ecosystem overviews (EOs) have been developed through a system of workshops and reviewed by ICES integrated ecosystem assessment groups, based on information provided by expert groups that specialize in state descriptors and using automated data products and GIS layers from accepted legitimate sources. The ecosystem overviews were completed by an advice drafting group and approved by ICES Advisory Committee, ACOM.

The audience for the overviews includes client commissions and stakeholders as well as the ICES community and networks. Owing to the range of audiences, the overviews will be evolving documents, driven by top–down processes (advisory requests and ICES decisions about strategic direction) and bottom–up processes (information streams highlighting “new” issues from the ICES community and network). The ecosystem overviews will increase ICES capacity to provide the integrated advice that is expected to meet the future needs of client commissions.

The aim of this process is to have an overview for each ICES ecoregion (Figure 12.2.1).


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