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The Pandalus and Nephrops Fisheries of the ICES and ICNAF Areas

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posted on 2022-11-15, 11:01 authored by F. A. Gibson

During the course of discussions at a meeting of the Shellfish and Benthos Committee of ICES held in Dublin in 1969, it became clear that there was a need for compilation of information about the Pandalus and Nephrops fisheries of the ICES and ICNAF areas.The members recommended that al.l possible data should be assembled and presented at the 1970 meeting and this was endorsed by the Consultative Committee. Dr. E. Smidt (Denmark) and Dr. H.J. Thomas (Scotland) were appointed to compile the Pandalus and Nephrops data, respectively. However, al.l the data were not available in 1970, and the Consultative Committee recommended that outstanding information should be made available for the mid-term meeting of the Liaison Committee in 1971. The Liaison Committee recommended that the material so far collected should be collated in readiness for publication in the Cooperative Research Series.

In the case of the Pandalus borealis fisheries data in varying degree have been submitted by Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Norway, Sweden (ICES area), and by Greenland, Canada and the USA (ICNAF area). In addition, information of fisheries for Pandalus montagui, has beea supplied by the UK. 

In the case of Nephrops norvegicus fisheries data have been supplied by Belgium, Denmark (including Faroe), France, Germany, Iceland; Ireland, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the UK. Comprehensive data for Iceland (Eiriksson, 1970) and for England (Symonds, ICES contribution, 1971) are set out elsewhere and that information is only abstracted here along with the less detailed submissions by the remaining countries. Abstracts have been included from published data for Faroe (Joensen, 1964), Germany (Aker and Tiews, 1965) and Spain (Eatadist, Pesca, Madr. 1962-9). 

Certain unpublished data, which were submitted and which could not conveniently be incorporated into the main statement, are set out as an appendix.



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F. A. Gibson

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Erik Smidt; H. J. Thomas





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Gibson, F. A. (Ed.). 1971. The Pandalus and Nephrops Fisheries of the ICES and ICNAF Areas. ICES Cooperative Research report. Vol. 27. 44 pp.

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