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Working Group on Elasmobranch Fishes (WGEF)

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posted on 2019-01-01, 00:00 authored by ICESICES

ICES WGEF meets annually, with advice for a subset of stocks drafted in alternating years. Work in 2019 focused on those stocks for which it was an advisory year: (i) skate stocks in the North Sea ecoregion, the Azores and MAR; (ii) catsharks (Scyliorhinidae) in the Greater North Sea, Celtic Seas and Bay of Biscay and Iberian Coast ecoregions; (iii) smooth-hounds in the Northeast Atlantic; and (iv) tope in the Northeast Atlantic).

The following widely-distributed shark stocks were also assessed: (i) Portuguese dogfish; (ii) Leafscale gulper shark; (iii) Kitefin shark; (iv) Porbeagle, and the following species that are on the prohibited species list: (v) angel shark, (vi) basking shark and (vii) white skate.


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Contributors (Editors)

Sam Shephard; Paddy Walker

Contributors (Authors)

Jurgen Batsleer; Loic Baulier; Gérard Biais; Guzmán Diez; Sophie Elliott; Jim Ellis; Ivone Figueiredo; Klara Jakobsdottir; Graham Johnston; Armelle Jung; Claudia Junge; Pascal Lorance; Catharina Maia; Tanja Miethe; Teresa Moura; Cristina Rodríguez-Cabello; Mário Rui Pinho; Barbara Serra-Pereira; Sam Shephard; Joana Silva; Ole Thomas Albert; Harriët van Overzee; Loes Vandecasteele; Francisco Velasco; Nicola Walker; Paddy Walker



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ICES. 2019. Working Group on Elasmobranch Fishes (WGEF). ICES Scientific Reports. 1:25. 964 pp.