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Working Group on Governance of the Regional Database and Estimation System (WGRDBESGOV; outputs from 2022 meeting)

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posted on 2024-01-25, 08:08 authored by ICESICES

The Working Group on Governance of the Regional Database and Estimation System (WGRDBESGOV) provides the governance function for both the existing Regional Database (RDB) and the new Regional Database and Estimation System (RDBES) that is currently in development. It is composed of representatives from ICES Member Countries and EU Regional Coordination Groups (RCGs). In this report the WGRDBESGOV reviews the RDBES developments performed during 2022 and plans for the work required in 2023 and beyond. It also considers how RDB data has been used and proposes changes required to the current Data Policy. 

The RDBES is planned to replace both the existing ICES InterCatch and RDB database systems and has an important part to play in increasing transparency and improving the quality of stock assessment within ICES. To this end several workshops including training are planned for 2023 which will help data submitters with the transition to the new system.

The work done during the year affecting the WGRDBESGOV is impressive, and the output is of a very high quality. Figure 1 describes the structure of the annual workflow WGRDBESGOV for 2023. During the WGRDBESGOV 2023, this structure will be evaluated, further improved and adjusted where relevant. The setup of the intersessional work during the last years, has increased the overall achievement for the RDBESGOV work significantly. During the WGRDBESGOV 2022, the participants became convinced that RDBES work benefits from being supported by several ISSG and that the way of working should be developed further and to be continued. The suggested ISSG for 2023 are described in Section 4 of this report:

· The Core Group

· ISSG FDI alignment with RDBES

· ISSG Data confidentiality and data license

· ISSG Data Quality (link to RCG ISSG Quality)

· ISSG Funding and developments

In addition, the following Working groups and Workshops have been proposed by WGRDBESGOV to support the RDBES implementation and are newly initiated or ongoing (Annex 2 and Annex 3):




· WKRDBES-Raise& TAF_Flow

· WK TAF training

The WGRDBESGOV works in coordination with the RCGs, to ensure that their needs are fulfilled.

The WGRDBESGOV works in coordination with a number of ICES WG who provide technical support to the WGRDBESGOV in relation to different types of data (Section 3): 





To enhance and support the communication about the RDBES, to present clearer the tremendous work done, to highlight the need of the input of the ICES community, the approach as described and the infographic below, will be communicated to the RCGs including the National Correspondents, ICES ACOM and Secretary. In support of this, a short document will be compiled, including the roadmap and the main topics. 


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