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Working Group on Multispecies Assessment Methods (WGSAM; outputs from 2020 meeting)

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posted on 2021-02-12, 00:00 authored by ICESICES

The Working Group on Multispecies Assessment Methods (WGSAM) aims at enabling research on predator-prey interactions for developing advice on the ecosystem approach to fisheries management.

This report details results related to WGSAM term of reference B: “Update of key-runs (standardized model runs updated with recent data) of multispecies and ecosystem models for different ICES regions”. Multispecies model key-runs are used in ICES advice processes, and WGSAM provides critical expert review of these key-runs to recommend appropriate use of results.

Although key-run reviews have been conducted in the past, requests for reviews are increasing. Therefore, WGSAM first formalized a consistent set of review criteria to conduct key-run re-views. These are outlined in section 2 of this report and are posted online ( WGSAM then applied these review criteria to one key-run for the North Sea ecosystem. The review is detailed in section 3 of this report. As the review criteria were applied, WGSAM also noted any difficulties with the review process in order to further refine the review criteria and to make future key-run reviews more efficient and effective.

WGSAM recommends the use of natural mortality estimates from the North Sea SMS key-run for use in single species stock assessment models of North Sea cod, haddock, herring, Norway pout, southern North Sea sandeel, northern North Sea sandeel, sprat, and whiting.


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Contributors (Editors)

Valerio Bartolino; Sarah Gaichas; Alexander Kempf; Morten Vinther

Contributors (Authors)

Valerio Bartolino; Alan Baudron; Andrea Belgrano; Xochitl Cormon; Francisco DeCastro; Thomas Del Santo O’Neill; Sarah Gaichas; Daniel Howell; Alexander Kempf; Nataliia Kulatska; Sigrid Lehuta; Sean Lucey; Vidette McGregor; Miriam Püts; Anna Rindorf; Nis Sand Jacobsen; Anika Sonjudottir; Floor Soudijn; Michael Spence; Klaas Sys; Bjarki Thor Elvarsson; Robert Thorpe; Vanessa Trijoulet; Ching Villanueva; Morten Vinther



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ICES. 2021. Working Group on Multispecies Assessment Methods (WGSAM; outputs from 2020 meeting). ICES Scientific Reports. 3:10. 231 pp.