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Working Group on Widely Distributed Stocks (WGWIDE)

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As a consequence of the impact of the COVID pandemic on international travel which prevented the traditional meeting from taking place, the Working Group on Widely Distributed Stocks (WGWIDE) met online via WebEx hosted by ICES. Prior to the 2020 meeting, the generic ToRs for species and regional working groups were reprioritised by ACOM to allow the WG to focus primarily on those ToRs most applicable to the provision of advice. WGWIDE reports on the status and considerations for management of Northeast Atlantic mackerel, blue whiting, Western and North Sea horse mackerel, Northeast Atlantic boarfish, Norwegian spring spawning herring, striped red mullet (Subareas 6, 8 and Divisions 7.a-c, e-k and 9.a), and red gurnard (Subareas 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8) stocks.


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Andrew Campbell

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Thomas Brunel; Andrew Campbell; Neil Campbell; Pablo Carrera; Rui Catarino; Anatoly Chetyrkin; Gersom Costas; Laurent Dubroca; Roxanne Duncan; Sólva Eliasen; Patricia Goncalves; Åge Højnes; Sondre Hølleland; Eydna í Homrum; Jan Arge Jacobsen; Teunis Jansen; Alexander Krysov; Bernhard Kühn; Gwladys Lambert; Lisa Anne Libungan; David Miller; Richard Nash; Leif Nøttestad; Anna H. Olafsdottir; Alessandro Orio; Martin Pastoors; Are Salthaug; Sonia Sanchez; Aril Slotte; Claus Sparrevohn; Erling Kåre Stenevik; Nikolay Timoshenko; Jens Ulleweit; Sindre Vatnehol; Morten Vinther



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ICES. 2020. Working Group on Widely Distributed Stocks (WGWIDE). ICES Scientific Reports. 2:82. 1019 pp.