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Working Group on the Biology and Assessment of Deep-sea Fisheries Resources (WGDEEP)

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The ICES working group on biology and assessment of deep-sea fisheries resources (WGDEEP) provides scientific advice on 29 assessment units including stocks of deep-water species and those on shelf areas and in deep waters. Advice is provided every other year for each stock, except for stocks from ICES Division 5.a (Iceland) with annual advice. First draft of advice was prepared for 13 stocks. Due to the Covid 19 disruption, the meeting was conducted entirely by web-based correspondence. Available time-series for international landings and discards, fishing effort, survey indices and biological information were updated for all stocks and are presented in Sections 4–15 of the report.

Due to Covid 19 complications in 2020 there was no survey in Azores ICES division 10a, which affected the assessment of blackspot seabream. Also, there was not a full spatial coverage in the Norwegian slope survey and this to some extend affected the assessment of greater silver smelt in ICES areas 1, 2, 3a and 4.

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Ivone Figueiredo; Elvar H. Hallfredsson

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Elisa Barreto; James Bell; Erik Berg; Guzmán Diez; Inês Farias; Ivone Figueiredo; Elvar H. Hallfredsson; Hege Overboe Hansen; Lise Heggebakken; Kristin Helle; Juan Gil Herrera; Vladimir Khlivnoi; Wendell Medeiros Leal; Pascal Lorance; David Miller; Pablo Duran Munoz; Lise Helen Ofstad; Hannipoula Olsen; Martin Pastoors; Lionel Pawlowski; Bruno Almón Pazos; Mario Rui Pinho; Régis Souza Santos; Warsha Singh; Anika Sonjudóttir; Ricardo Sousa; Gudmundur Thordarson; Rui Vieira



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ICES. 2021. Working Group on the Biology and Assessment of Deep-sea Fisheries Resources (WGDEEP). ICES Scientific Reports. 3:47. 944 pp.