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Workshop for Harvest Control component of long-term Management Plan for Rockall Haddock (WKROCKMSE)

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posted on 2019-01-01, 00:00 authored by ICESICES

The meeting continued the benchmark of Rockall haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus) started at WKROCK in 2019. The workshop was tasked with calculating the reference points, evaluating the proposed NEAFC management plan special request, and providing the 2020 Advice for Rockall haddock. The workshop addressed all three Terms of Reference.

The assumptions for the reference points was revised and the reference points were updated, with FMSY = 0.168, Blim = 2474 t, and Bpa = MSY Btrigger = 3711 t (where Bpa = 1.5 * Blim). The forecast settings for producing annual advice was updated for the Stock Annex. Most importantly, catch in the intermediate year is constrained by the sum of expected landings from the Russian Federation and UK and Ireland quota (the previous assumption was based on status quo F). The management strategy evaluation concluded that the harvest control rules proposed for the stock are considered precautionary in the short, medium, and long term in the base and many robustness scenarios.


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Quang Huynh

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Rui Catarino; Helen Dobby; Vladimir Khlivnoy; Tanja Miethe; Alfonso Perez; Daniel Ricard



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ICES. 2019. Workshop for harvest control component of long-term Management Plan for Rockall haddock (WKROCKMSE). ICES Scientific Reports. 1:59. 130 pp.