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Workshop on Implementation of Stakeholder Engagement Strategy (WKSTIMP)

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posted on 2024-01-25, 08:09 authored by ICESICES

WKSTIMP supports the ICES Stakeholder Engagement Strategy, through drafting elements for ICES Implementation Plan. The report defines a suit of actions to make the ICES Strategy work. If implemented successfully, a diverse and representative pool of competent, reliable and committed stakeholders will engage with ICES. All stakeholders will be able to contribute effectively based on a clear understanding of the process and what is expected from them. ICES will become a natural place for stakeholders to engage and collaborate, delivering better science and advice by integrating essential knowledge and providing arenas for meaningful dialogues. And, the engagement process will be fully traceable, and its monitoring and evaluation outcomes inform decision-making and organizational learning.

The WKSTIMP participants represented a plurality of profiles and backgrounds including natural and social scientists, representatives from the fisheries sector, NGOs, Advisory Councils, ICES Head of SCICOM and ACOM and ICES staff.

The analysis and reflective thinking on the Strategy set the basis for exploring actions within the ICES system (Expert Groups, Advice Drafting Groups, MIACO and MIRIA meetings) and across topics (research ethics, data protection, informed consent, conflicts of interest, transparency). The discussion in WKSTIMP highlighted the centrality of stakeholders as data, information and knowledge providers, and highlighted how two complementary ICES initiatives reinforce the Strategy: firstly, the development of guidelines for ensuring the integrity of scientific information submitted to ICES by data providers (e.g., WKENSURE); and secondly, the accountability for fishers and other stakeholders’ perceptions (forthcoming Workshop on perceptions on the dynamics of fish stocks in ICES advice, WKAFPA). Furthermore, participants discussed risks associated with opportunistic behaviour in the engagement processes (creative and created blindness and advice shopping), tailoring specific actions to cope with them.

Exploring actions for implementation was guided by feasibility within the current ICES framework. Additional considerations were to avoid burdens, disruptions, and manage change in the ICES community. WKSTIMP proposes 35 time-based priority actions, urges the implementation plan's timely approval, and suggests strengthening ICES capability by creating an expert group on engagement. Potential actions developed by stakeholders beyond ICES provide synergies that could reinforce the Strategy.


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Marta Ballesteros; Alexandre Rodríguez; Ashley Wilson

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Marta Ballesteros; María José Casáis Boo; Morgan Casal Ribeiro; Adrien Chevallier; Patricia Clay; Poul Dengbol; Mark Dickey Collas; Edward Farrell; José Manuel Fernández Beltrán; María Ángeles Gamaza; Eirini Glyki; Alan Haynie; Aurélien Henneveux; Troels Jacob Hegland; Andrew Kenny; Marloes Kraan; Vera Köpsel; Terhi Minkkinen; Sean O´Donoghue; Debbi Pedreschi; Alexandre Rodríguez; Joana Sá Couto; Jane Sandell; Jörn Schmidt; Sónia Seixas; Esben Sverdrup; Tamara Talevska; Gro Van der Meeren; Ashley Wilson



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