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Workshop on Raising Data using the RDBES and TAF (WKRDBESRaiseTAF; outputs from 2022 meeting)

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posted on 2024-01-25, 08:06 authored by ICESICES

The Workshop on Raising Data using the RDBES and TAF (WKRDBES-Raise&TAF) met online (26–30 of September 2022) to evaluate the use of the Regional Database and Estimation System (RDBES) format to reproduce the 2022 InterCatch input and output, identifying a Transparent Assessment Framework (TAF) structure to organize the intermediate steps and to propose standardized output formats. The main outcomes of WKRDBES-Raise&TAF were:

· RDBES provides sufficient support for current national estimation protocols. However, some minor issues were reported that hampered an exact reproduction of the estimates. Therefore, adaptations of the data model should not be excluded completely.

· All the input to stock assessment that InterCatch currently provides, could be reproduced. The participants started from the current stock extracts that can be downloaded from InterCatch.

· A workflow was proposed with a national TAF repository for each country, a stock estimation repository and a stock assessment repository. The intermediate output of those repositories will be stored in an ‘intermediate output database’ and depending on the user role, you will get access to the relevant stages in this workflow.

· The following requirements for the standard output formats were defined: they cannot be more restrictive than the InterCatch input and output format; they should present measures of uncertainty and sample sizes (for national estimates) and should have a configurable domain definition (for national estimates).

Despite those successful outcomes, the current plan for transition to an operational system was concluded to be too optimistic. WKRDBES-Raise&TAF therefore recommends to the Working Group on Governance of the Regional Database and Estimation System (WGRDBESGOV) to revise the roadmap and allow RDBES to be in a test phase also for 2023.

WKRDBES-Raise&TAF felt the need to test the proposed workflow on a small scale and therefore recommends to the WGRDBESGOV to arrange a workshop where two stocks (pok.27.3a46 (Saithe (Pollachius virens) in Subareas 4, 6 and Division 3.a (North Sea, Rockall and West of Scotland, Skagerrak and Kattegat) and wit.27.3a47d (Witch (Glyptocephalus cynoglossus) in Subarea 4 and Divisions 3.a and 7.d (North Sea, Skagerrak and Kattegat, eastern English Channel)) will be set up to go through the whole flow.


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Maciej Adamowicz; Kirsten Birch Håkansson; Katinka Bleeker; Nicholas Carey; Sofia Carlshamre; Chun Chen; Liz Clarke; Thomas Cloatre; David Currie; José De Oliveira; Côme Denechaud; Roxanne Duncan; Afra Egan; Elise Eidset; Celina Eriksson Bjånes; David Espino; Edvin Fuglebakk; Hans Gerritsen; Patricia Gonçalves; Alex Holdgate; Leire Ibaibarriaga; Ane Iriondo; Alex Kokkalis; Maria Korta; Jean-Baptiste Lecomte; Steven Mackinson; Catarina Maia; Karolina Molla-Gazi; Claire Moore; Sara-Jane Moore; Teresa Moura; Nikolai Nawri; Coby Needle; Nicolas Goñi; Sofie Nimmegeers; Katja Norén; Manuela Oliveira; María Pan; Antonios Papoutsis; Nuno Prista; Jonathan Rault; Yves Reecht; Ana Ribeiro Santos; Pia Schuchert; Sven Stötera; Josefina Teruel; Ioannis Thasitis; Bart Vanelslander; Lies Vansteenbrugge; Youen Vermard; Julia Wischnewski; Laura Wise; Anna-Kaisa Ylitalo; Lucia Zaraus



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