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Report on the I- and II-group cod haddook and whiting caught during the International Young Herring Survey 1973

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posted on 1973-01-01, 00:00 authored by ICESICES
During the meeting of the North Sea Roundfish Working Group in March 1973 in Aberdeen it was concluded that the internationally coordinated trawling surveys in the North Sea, which are carried out yearly primarily in order to estimate abundance of juvenile herring, could also provide valuable information for young roundfish, according to the results of the 1972 survey, which were presented to last years Annual meeting (ANON, 1972). However, in view of the amount of time involved for the analysis of the data it was decided that countries should provide A􀀢eir data on standarised forms and that Dr. O. Bagge, Dr. J. Hislop and Mr. N. Daan "llll!'ould combine the results on cod, whiting and haddock respectively and carry out the final analysis (ANON, 1973).


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